His Florida Jobs Budget is Signed by Governor Rick Scott- Making Progress

Cowboys let's slap leather, they are hiring at the Adena Cattle operation in Marion County.  Jobs, Jobs  and dinner on the table.
Invester Frank Stronach invests in His Florida second home, the Marion County Adena Springs Cattle Ranch.

Soon to be Congressman Ted Yoho, stuns the old line in Congress with a sound defeat of Congressman Cliffie Stearns.  For term limits, Stearns has been limited by the voters.

Stearns sent packing in the same term he was challenged by Don Browning.  

Stearns ignored the 20,000 votes cast by reform voters, and was stunned as he was sent packing by Ted Yoho. 

Central Florida Media Leader comes out for popular U S Congressional Candidate Ted Yoho.  Fiscal Conservatives back Ted Yoho for US Congress.  Joel Wiessner  brings substantial political and media backing to the Ted Yoho for Congress effort to unseat long time Washington DC insider Cliff Stearns.  

 Adena Springs wins many supporters at Church of the Springs conference.
Florida Department of Agriculture helps farmers put food on the table at a reasonable price.  Supporting new inovative environmental BMP's is the answer.

Stephen Hunter, Ocala MST 08/22/12

Adena Springs Cattle Management Team Embraced by Marion County Community

Positive Change seemed to be in the air as person after person thanked the Adena Springs group for bringing the community together.

"You have changed my mind", was often the comment as stakeholders expressed the reasons they want to bring new progressive farming to Marion County.

The fact that springs reflect the quality of aquifer flowing to the ocean, many Marion County folks have been voicing concerns over excessive nutrients and algae in the clear aquifer water.  Farming has been blamed for years when actually big utilities are causing nitrate overload at our springs.


The Adena Springs group declared that their volume request would be reduced from 13.2 to 5.3 million gallons as the daily limit.  Happy at the conservation effort, many in the audience had hoped Kanapaha's 10 million gallons might be used at the ranch rather than discharged into the aquifer as is the current practice.  Regardless, Adena is now seen as an overall solution rather than a problem. 


Ag program in north central Marion County is a success, at least in the minds of many who welcomed the team to a major economic event in Marion County today.

Trust but verify was the message to the Adena Springs Team received, as the local folks appeared happy for the enterprise to be a part of our community.

The room was packed and most speakers from the audience expressed thanks for the quality and sophistication of the newest farm project by the Adena Cattle group.

Florida is one of the national leaders, in most retired citizens memory.  Cowboys and Cattle make up the one of the best components of American history.

Let's light this candle, was the feeling, but let's be careful of the environment.  

The Adena Team is as sophisticated as they come commented one audience member.

Stay tuned for jobs, and new quality geologic/environmental expertise in town.  

Cities and counties can use experts from the private sector like the Adena Team, in tackling their environmental challenges.

 Gainesville, has long been embarrassed by discussions of their 10 million gallons daily discharge into the drinking water aquifer, of processed sewer effluent will be able to gain from the Adena Springs Team expertise.

 We are here to operate a quality cattle operation, but we also are pledged to help our community all we possibly can, was the message from the team. 


 Will we ever have to pay for the money we are using from the Red Chinese?  
Honesty in Government calls for budgeting debt as we no longer have cash to fund most programs.  No longer can we say federal grants are the taxpayer's money coming back home.  Now we have to say Our Congressman is bringing us borrowed Communist Chinese money home along with a mortgage book.  It is like borrowing from the underworld,  Did you really think they weren't going to send a collector around to break your knees?  You have to pay!  Don't think you can borrow from those guys and forget to pay both the principle and interest.
Is it still called a budget if you have no money to spend?  How many days has the universe existed since the Big Bang?   Ans: 5 trillion days since the big bang.  We owe 15 trillion dollars or 3 bucks a day since the beginning of time.  
Our Cliff Stearns authorized the borrowing of most of that money.  It might be time for Old Cliffie to go away into retirement! 

The Gross National Debt

Marion Sun Times Editor Don Browning on valuing water by using it for more than flushing out rivers.  

New discussions are underway focusing on the uses of the water from springs of Marion County.  A Billion Gallons flows from the Silver and Rainbow Springs and 100% of it is currently used to float 7 glass-bottom boats, an average of 7 kayaks and up to 10 on average other vessels.  The Rainbow Springs is used to float tubers and about the same number of boats along with up to 100 swimmers daily.

The Water used to keep these activities going goes into the Gulf and the Atlantic ocean via the Ocklawaha St Johns, and Withlacoochee rivers.  Environmentalist point out that the billion ballons of water is necessary for estuaries and the over all volume of water running to the sea.  We calculate that at a Billion Gallons, 2000 daily usesers are subsidised by the citizens $5,000 per visit.  That is using 1¢ per gallon value for clean clear water.

Our questions are these:

What is the value of a gallon of clean clear spring mineral water? 

Water has value however if it comes from mother nature at no cost, it is allowed to flow to the sea without use, or so it would seam.  Usually 1¢ is considered the value of a gallon of clean clear water at the consumer level.  Drinking by humans is considered the highest and best use.  A typical Marion County Utilities customer uses 150 gallons of water daily and is forced by law to buy the water from the Utility.  The total bill is combined as water and sewer even though sewer is not really a gallon volume item but rather a service tacked on to the water bill.

9000 gallons cost $90.00 or 1¢ per gallon. 

Our Pick as Ocala Best Most Important Election: Mayor's Race 2011::   Kent Guinn Wins.  We find both Alvord and Guinn good for business and Kent Guinn brings a long service history with the City of Ocala.

  Kent Guinn,

But be sure to vote.

Results are in Kent Guinn wins.  Congratulations! 

Governor Rick Scott, Rep. Charles Van Zant and Senator Hays understand the importance of reducing government and deficit spending.
These three have teamed up to bring some sense to the Anti-jobs forces of the classic environmental movement.  All are great stewards but know it takes work and wealth to be proper guardians of Florida. 

The Gross National Debt

Herman Cain hits a home run in Florida.  First the Villages then Orlando.  First Debate that was properly presented to the American People.

State Representative Charles Van Zant 
Florida House of Representatives, District 21 Marion County At the Home of
Doctors Riadh & Manal Fakhoury hold reception for Charles Van Zant


Central Florida Media Leader comes out for popular U S Congressional Candidate Ted Yoho.  Fiscal Conservatives back Ted Yoho for US Congress.  Joel Wiessner brings substantial political and media backing to the Ted Yoho effort to unseat long time Washington DC insider Cliff Stearns.  The long time favorite son of New York Times publications The Ocala Star Banner and Gainesville Sun, Stearns liberal supporters are jumping ship as they see the "ship sinking".  Dr. Chick Dassance of Ocala who hired Cliff's wife Joan and named a part of the CFCC campus after Stearns has thrown in the towel, choosing retirement over politics as Stearns' earmarks dried up.  Cliff and Joan Stearns teamed up with Dassance to create the liberal "Heart of Florida" conduit of federal deficit funds to Democrat Alachua and Gainesville, funneling most earmark dollars to the "Berkley of the East" liberals of Alachua County fame.

Florida District 6 Congressional Candidate Ted Yoho overwhelms old line long time Washington DC insider Cliff Stearns coming out of the Gates for 2011.  Congressional Candidate Ted Yoho secures Don Browning's support. Thousands who supported Browning in the first challenge of the old establishment appear ready to support Ted Yoho for congress.  Stearns held a 20 year reputation of bulling republicans into not running for what he terms "his seat".

That strategy worked until along came Fiscal Conservative Don Browning who took on the stogy old line REC Executive Directors who were in shock that the world was crumbling around them.  Executive Director Greer was indited, Governor Crist jumped ship, new comer house speaker Marko Rubio surged to the front of sitting GOP Governor Crist.  Now the dust has settled and Stearns' political world is collapsing around him.  After 20 years of voting to increase the National Debt, Stearns is seeing the error of his ways.  New Congressmen pass him on their way to committee leadership with hardly a wave hello.  Stearns just now is taking note of the 14 trillion dollar budget that he has help build over the past 22 years.  It will take the efforts of quality patriots like Ted Yoho to undo the harm Cliff Stearns has done over nearly a quarter of a century.

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Senator Alan Hays hosts Governor Rick Scott's signing of Historic Jobs Budget.

Governor Slashes $615 million in line item vetoes.  TDC Marion Director Don Browning helps tell story with exclusive Senator Hays interview and the pictorial story of Governor Rick Scott delivering just as he said he would.  Ocala and all of Marion County is struggling to latch on to the Villages Mix of great life style and economic solid ground.  EDC Marion and the new Marion Chamber of Commerce are working to reverse the economic down turn.  The Villages has set an economic model that can help end unemployment.  Governor Scott's Jobs Budget is a great start.  

EDC Florida Director Don Browning and his Florida friends in Lake Weir Kiwanis join with other Marion County Floridians in mounting the Teddy Bear Express. Group travels to Alabama to help tornado victims. More

 Citizens gain access.  State of Florida rolls out the information red carpet.  Governor Rick Scott establishes a Right to Know Web Link.
Just in:  Florida Water Management Districts to take a page from Marion County Moto.  Doing more with less, is a top priority for Governor Scott and Secretary Herschel Vinyard.
 A new accountability program for the 5 Florida Water Districts and FDEP is in the works. 
Governor Rick Scott and Florida Secretary of State Kurt Browning kick off  500 years of Florida History during Florida Heritage Month.  Tourist industry braces for Celebration of La Florida 500.

Governor Scott kicks off the Florida Tourism Connection with Arts Florida Hall of Fame Presentation.  Ocala Cool brought on as new Sponsor of Florida Economic Development Council to promote Space Florida Vision 2010 and Viva Florida 500 years.  More at Marion Sun times...

Tea Party of Central Florida Honored by Governor
Governor Rick Scott presents new Florida Recovery Budget.

Governor Rick Scott's 2011 Florida Recovery Budget

Scott to Streamline Government.  Contracts such as the Utilities Pollution Community reeducation programs may end. 

Eustis Florida, home of the Central Florida Tea Party movement attended by

Candidates Patricia Sullivan and Don Browning celebrating success at the poles

of State Governor Candidate Rick Scott.  Governor Scott's Recovery plans include Tax Cuts of over $2 billion and

reduced state spending by over $5 billion.

New Jobs Budget will devote over $800 million over two years for Economic Development.

Pension Reform will save taxpayers $2.8 billion over two years. 

Education budget to remain stable - no cuts.

Medicade will save nearly $4 billion over two years with patient-directed system. 

VFW Commander Al Lugo of the famous VFW Retirement Home for Vets in Ft McCoy Florida is Awarded the Best Florida Visit Annual Award for his outstanding work honoring  US VFW Veterans.  Visit Commander Al Lugo at His Florida VFW Retirement Home Web Site.  Do what you can to get involved.  

New Session Talk: Senator Alan Hays Selected Better Florida Gov Hero 2010  -  Hays receives Tax Watch Florida A + Rating.  EDC Florida Picks Senator Hays as Senatorial Legislative key to accomplishing Governor Rick Scott's Florida Jobs Program.

Florida Art is showcased at Gallery East Fl, in Belleview.  New Exhibit recently shown is currently in Speakers Office in Tallahassee.  Florida Tourism Promotion is a key to recovering the vibrant economy once enjoyed in Florida.
Visit Central Florida's EDC Marion County.  Discover Marion County.  Opportunity awaits! 

A+ Rating by Tax Watch Florida, for Carl Zalak, Dean Canon, Kathy BryantDennis BaxleyAlan Hays, Charles Van Zant, Pam Bondi ,Charlie Dean and Rick Scott

Real Cars Don't Need Noise Makers! Don's ZO6.
A Real American Auto that doesn't need Federal Regulations to Save Day Dreaming Congressmen.

 Congressional Watch 2011 by: B. E, Strege,  We are making an example of how Congressmen can add to the cost of products and the national debt with controversial legislation.
 See below: 6th District Congressman, Cliff Stearns joins with Democrat Edolphus Towns, D-N.Y.  to Go Green by supporting Power Plant powered electric cars.  The two are sponsoring a Federal Law to require US Auto Makers to meet new regulations requiring them to build cars that make more noise.   Stearns feels drivers need more than a horn to wake up day dreaming congressmen.   In Stearns' words, 
" for Persons who are not paying attention" I have introduced a bill to require mandatory noise from golf carts, bicycles and cars.    In an informal survey of District 6 voters, we asked, "do you agree with Congressman Cliff Stearns that Americans need new federal regulations to require American auto makers to produce cars that make more noise for people who walk in traffic not paying attention"?  78% said "Hell No! or some variation of a special emphatic [ expletive ]NO!  Wouldn't it be cheaper to buy the congressman a buzzer for his pocket that would vibrate when he walked and his wife walked in traffic?  We can build a free app for his phone or any person who goes into traffic when not paying attention.  Much less expensive than new Federal Regulation requiring noise makers on cars.
Asked for Comment, Conservative Republican Congressional Candidate 2010 Don Browning spoke on the value of federal legislation already requiring a horn on every vehicle:
"Congressman Stearns is welcome to come to District 6 Florida, and hear and feel Real American Red Blooded autos that any real American can hear coming from a long way off.  We have a $14 trillion dollar deficit because congress promotes laws that are unnecessary.   Congressman Stearns and Edolphus Towns D-Ny are mistaken about the popularity of over priced electric cars.  The Green House Gas Harm from new power plants needed to power remote electric cars is a 4 fold increase in pollution."
Most Americans prefer a real ride, that anyone can hear and feel coming and is more environmentally friendly than Power Plant Car projections.  Electric Cars will likely fail  because of the increased "Smoke Stack Green house Emissions" caused by the new Utility Plants needed to charge electric cars.  "In order to alert dizzy congressmen, years ago, we would put playing cards on our bikes held by a clothespin to make noise so congressmen, not paying attention, would hear us coming".
Director Lash has surveyed golf cart drivers in the Villages:   In the villages electric cart drivers just say, "Hey Buddy, Wake Up, get your head out of your Butt" when people walk in traffic not paying attention.  No federal Regulation, No increase in the national debt, no growing the size of government doing for people what they can do for themselves, like Pay Attention !
Here is an example of American vehicles that "don't need noise maker legislation.  
Congressional Candidate Browning's big Bad Red Dodge Ram 4x4 is turbo charged and can heard at a safe distance.   Even a Congressman can hear a Cummings Diesel coming even if your not paying attention" .   Browning explains the safety of his Big Bad Corvette ZO6, out of the box, Loud and 200 mph ready,  Browing feels that Stearns can hear even his Harley Heritage Soft Tail, coming from a long way off.   Real Power Cars are the wave of the future like my Atomic Orange Indy 500 Pace Car C6 Corvette explains Browning.  Reform of Washington requires we stop building up layers of government in order to protect people from meeting their own responsibilities.  If you are so old and dizzy or too young just stay out of traffic.  It is becoming clear how we got into $14 Trillion Dollars in Debt.  
Headline:  Every auto has a noise maker called a horn.  We will beep at you congressman to keep you safe.  Cliff Stearns joins democrats in requiring additional noise makers on cars.  This need for extra noise is an example of why Electric cars cost too much and are likely to lead to increased pollution and a waste of Tax Payer's time and money.  
TAX Watch Florida Rating for Stearns drops from "C" to "D" on continuing disappointment.  District 6 Florida voters wonder what planet the Congressman is living on! 
Stearns Joins Democrats on Mandatory Noise Makers for Cars in the US.  Stearns wants to protect people who are not paying attention, or as some call it, the Stearns Support Base.
Excerpt: "
''I was down in Florida in the parking lot of a shopping center, and I was wheeling my groceries with my wife, and I didn't hear a car come up behind me,'' Stearns said. ''If all the cars are silent in the future, it does pose a problem, not just for the blind, but for people that are not paying attention, particularly senior citizens and also children.''
Just in: Stearns Falls Short  Again!  After losing much of his base in the Republican Primary Stearns the long time has new challengers lining up for 2012.    
Showing he has staying power, Stearns has stood in line 23 years hoping to be picked for a Committee Chair.  It didn't happen.  Passed over for a leadership role, Stearns is building a lifetime retirement package second to none.  Several past legislative leaders are on the short list to throw open the door, pried open by Reform Candidate Don Browning.
Cliff Stearns stands in line for 22 years only to be turned down by Congressional Republicans.  Republicans say no to a leadership role for District 6 congressman from Ocala.  Turn out the lights, the party's over....   Stearns joins democrats in bill to put noise in quiet Green Cars.
Senator LeMieux says Congressional Spending must stop and too many congressmen just want to spend their entire life in congress so they can have a fancy title and the position.   

Follow Florida House Speaker Dean Cannon as he tackles His Florida's many problems.  It won't be easy but Dean Cannon has the talent and experience to get the job done.

Promotion of Business with less regulation, reduced Government growth, Tourism, and gaining control of Florida's Utilities are all important areas of concern.   

Bob Burton will be able to address water issues in his Florida now that he holds the title of Florida Water Czar.  Water Czar Burton is a noted expert in Water and Sustainable Development.   Stopping the World Order Agenda 21 and Sustainable Development politics are Bob Burton's prime goals.
Just in: Carl Zalak gains in race for District 4 County Commission Marion County Florida

Browning is unable to unseat 22 year incumbent Cliff Stearns.  Republicans ask for more of the same that they have received over the last couple of decades, from Stearns.  More national debt and larger government is what they have been getting over the last 22 years and now it is likely to continue.

Don Browning is creating national waves as he and other Tea Party rated Candidates work to reform Congress.  Send 22 year incumbents like Cliff Stearns and Nancy Pelosi home.  Unable to unseat Stearns in the Republican Primary 2010, Don is grateful for the opportunity to get a dialog going.  Steve Schonberg is hot on Cliff Stearns and is calling for the Republican's resignation for an ethics violation.  Questions are surfacing about ownership in a University where Stearns directed funds.

Florida Tea Party makes its mark in Florida Politics.

  Don Browning visits His Florida District 6 building support for the hoped for victory to gain a seat in the US Congress.  Reforming Congress is job one on the agenda. 
Better Florida Government Selects Charles Dean as the most beneficial Florida Senate race in 2010.  Senator Charles Dean is addressing Jobs and Bio to Energy among other important issues.
Just in: Don Browning is asked by voters to run again in 2012 if Cliff Stearns is still in Congress. Browning is finding strong support in the 6th Florida District with over 20,000 votes in the 2010 Republican Primary.  His opponent Cliff Stearns has been in office 22 years and many wonder if that isn't just 10 or 15 years too long.  The District stretches from Leesburg in the south to Jacksonville in the north and Don Browning is finding strong support for Congressional reform in all sectors.
Candidate Browning describes Stearns as an "alright guy" who just has gone down the wrong path.  Branching out away from the core principles of the Republican party, longtime congressman stearns has made many decisions over the years that at the time seemed logical, however in retrospect have taken the district farther and farther from core values.  Now Congress is in a mess and about to fall off the branch.  What looked like a proper route is becoming a nightmare.  Don Browning is asking voters to try new fresh ideas that will return the republican party to the tree of knowledge, the founding father's constitution
Central in the core ideas is a repudiation of the Environmental takeover of America by the Sustainable Development group funded by Congressman Stearns.  Heart of Florida is an example of liberal Sustainable Development, Agenda 21 that uses support by republicans wanting to appear politically correct.  Mr. Don Casey a favorite of patriots is doing an excellent job explaining the takeover of America by liberals.  In a meeting with Don Browning, Mr Don Casey explained Agenda 21 and sustainable development from a global perspective.

Marion County Leaders Meet in Tallahassee for Marion County Day.
VFW Retirement Home of Ft McCoy is a key location in Marion County.  Visit for a guaranteed good time. 

You Decide! Visit Don Browning for Congress.  Get involved, Make a Difference.  Now that the Primary is over get involved in the general election.  Cliff Stearns must step aside to allow new ideas and energy into the process.  We must break the linkage with special interest lobbyist.

Charlie Dean decides to go with the Congress that is delivering Deficits.  The War is On!  Charlie Dean is a good man but he needs to decide if Congress is on track or a major mess.

Marion County Florida Bill McCollum loses to Pam Bondi in Governor's Race.  Central Florida may decide who will be the next Florida Governor.
When Visiting Central Florida enjoy the Marion County experience. Discover the Best of Florida horses, fishing, camping, birding, and opportunity. 

Story lines HisFlorida is following.  HisFlorida Editor studies races that will impact all Floridians.

Rep. Charles Van Zant proposes changes to water sources that will save Florida's Aquifers.  Legislator receives Marion Sun Times endorsement for his Florida improvements.

Described as a Kurt Kelly Republican, voters from Marion County to Orange County lend support.  Go Kurt Kelly!

Florida now has a new Courthouse in the 5th District.  Judges report to new peoples courthouse in Marion County.  Florida Artist Don Browning displays his version of the first coming out party of the Decade in the entire U.S.

Marion County Florida has started the world on the path to financial recovery with the dedication of the new Marion County Courthouse

Marion Sun Times highlights Governor Charlie Crist as his Florida Governorship enters the Final Year.

His Florida Senate Race could hang in the balance as Ex Republican Governor Crist enters the final legislative session. Revenues are down and Expenses are up as Legislators work on the new budget.

Urban Meyer Resigns his Florida Coaching job. Just in, Urban retains his Florida coaching job.

Welcome graphic

Next in line to Govern his Florida is Bill McCullom. As AG, Bill has learned Economic success for Floridians depend a great deal on access to clean water. Utility Discharge to the Aquifer is a hidden time bomb.

Senator Steve Oelrich predicted to win his Florida Senate Seat for second term.

Economic Action Team, grass roots Central Florida.

His Florida Charlie Crist

Economic Action Team by Citizens may lead to Answers.

Florida Zooming Back as the Vacation, Adventure, First Class Destination. Central Florida's Marion County is leading the recovery.

Representative Alan Hays is the January 2009 Selection for HIS FLORIDA.Com
Rep. Hays noticed that more and more reports of contamination of Florida's Drinking Water was being reported.  Alan decided to investigate and discovered that Utilities have an inside track when it comes to getting rid of Sewer Effluent Waste.
Both Sewer and Storm runoff are injected into the Aquifer bothered the multi term representative.  Utilities are approved by the same agency selected to protect families drinking water all across Florida.  It seems the utilities may have more lobbying influence to FDEP, our environmental Watch Dogs. In Representatives Hays' district families and towns are sandwiched between two of the biggest discharge permits in Florida.  To the North the Gainesville Kanapaha Sewer Plant discharges 6,000,000 gallons of effluent each day, and to the south, the Wekiva Springs area discharges over 50,000,000 gallons of processed sewer waste daily.  

Senator Charlie Dean Discusses His Florida Springs and Aquifer.

Central Florida Community defies the odds, Discover Marion County regains former glory. Springs Protection promises to help Silver Springs Recover.

How can Utilities be Billions of Dollars behind in their processing of Sewer Effluent and still not be named as a cause of Springs Pollution?

The People's Florida Water Czar asks for a little more honesty in Florida Government. Should Utility Companies have their own Private State Agency?

What Matters in Florida life these days?  Can we trust our state government?  Senator Charlie Dean works to rebuild trust in Florida Government.  

Building Trust in Florida.

Environmental Artist, Don Browning Speaks.
Team Conservation Named Don Browning The People's Water Czar for 2009.

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